Survival Earth
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Megatron and the Allspark have been destroyed. The Autobots are victorious.

...Or are they? The new Decepticon general, Blindsight, as well as the presence of the two Decepticon wildcards, Starscream and Soundwave, may yet have something to say about the Autobot's supposed "victory".
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This is for IC interactions only. To start, the basic scene is this: A bar. Built to accomodate even the smallest and the largest. Use your imagination as to what it looks like, but disregard where the bar is and why there may be humans perusing every now and then -- just stick your character in there and have a bit of (angsty/giggly/drunk/tense) fun.

Please leave a message in You Know What Fish's inbox if you would like to join us in the Bar.

Because Yuku sucks and won't let us have a decent chat, click this!: colour me chatroom